Board of Directors

Meet our firing-on-all-cylinders team.

Each board member comes from a different background and brings a wealth of experience in their field. Combined, they represent a powerhouse of information, insights and passion – dedicated to smoothing the way to you setting up business – and thriving – here.

Current Board

  • Sharon Adam

    Chair Town of Coronach

  • Kyron Manske

    Vice Chair RM of Hart Butte

  • Catherine MacKay-Wilson

    Treasurer & Secretary Town of Coronach (Non-Voting)

  • Sean Wallace

    Managing Director

  • Gina Beliveau

    Town of Rockglen

  • Alex Houssian

    Town of Bengough

  • Karl Nergard
    RM of Bengough
  • Calvin Knoss
    RM of Poplar Valley
  • Wayne Joyal

    Town of Willow Bunch

  • Denis Lesperance

    RM of Willow Bunch

  • Dillion Fister

    RM of Happy Valley