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We’ve conducted a Sector Level Feasibility Study and over 40 projects have been identified based on local strengths and resources. Projects in Agriculture, Natural Resources, Clean & Green Energy and Tourism are projected to make the most positive, and lucrative, impacts as alternatives to coal-based industry.

Check back soon for updates on current projects.

Coronach, Saskatchewan – South Saskatchewan Ready, an economic alliance of nine rural municipalities located in south central Saskatchewan, working to mitigate the negative economic affects of federally mandated coal transition, has awarded funding to five projects that will generate a return on investment in terms of either job creation, the expansion or maintenance of property tax base, or addressing a priority need in the region.

Award recipients include:

  • Videre Energy – Conversion of carbon to value-added products for both the energy and agricultural sectors. Videre Energy is the recipient of $250,000 Dollars. Location – RM of Hart Butte.
  • T3 Agriculture – Food traceability platform. T3 Agriculture is the recipient of $150,000 Dollars. Location – Town of Rockglen.
  • Dosch Organics – Manufacturing value-added agriculture products locally. Dosch Organics is the recipient of $125,000 Dollars. Location – Town of Willow Bunch.
  • K & S Variety – Modernization of retail sales platform. K & S is the recipient of $11,500 Dollars. Location – Town of Coronach.
  • Clark Mechanical – Mechanical services and shop modernization. Clark Mechanical is the recipient of $35,000 Dollars. Location – Town of Coronach.

The provision of funding to these organizations will help to maintain important property tax bases which pay for municipal infrastructure and programs. Job creation will ensure those who operate local businesses will still have a customer base after the federally mandated coal transition is completed.

“Our Province is pleased to support southern communities through our $2 million investment to lessen the economic impact created by the federal government’s coal transition,” said Saskatchewan Government Relations Minister Don McMorris. “I congratulate South Saskatchewan Ready and the award recipients on their innovative approaches to revitalize their local economies and create additional prospects for future generations.”

Sharon Adam, Chair of South Saskatchewan Ready said, “Attracting new investment and supporting local business will contribute greatly to the survival of our regional communities and local economies. We are grateful the Government of Saskatchewan has provided funding to help us mitigate the negative economic affects of coal transition and their support has been indispensable.”

A new application intake period for businesses meeting funding criteria begins on February 14, 2022, and ends May 16, 2022.

Media Contacts:

Sean Wallace
Managing Director, South Saskatchewan Ready
(306) 852-8400

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