Meet SOFI:

Saskatchewan’s FIRST Credentialed and Certified Food Safety Ecosphere

By emphasizing food safety, the South Saskatchewan Ready region can offer trusted products.

  • Guaranteed supply from farm to table
  • Free of disease
  • Do not pose health risks
  • Guaranteed and transparent suppliers
  • No foreign tariffs
  • Availability for local markets
  • No exposure to supply chain interruptions
  • High quality products
  • Guaranteed traceability
  • No filler or “transportation” chemicals
  • Organic and farmer produced • Known to us
  • Economically viable
  • Value to the consumer

A multi-year product development, economic development and marketing initiative will form around the SOFI food safety ecosystem. Consumers will demand SOFI products. Suppliers and businesses will make every effort to be SOFI Certified. Our highly respected food safety environment will draw new families to build their lives and livelihoods here.