South Saskatchewan is ready to tell the world it’s open for business.

New marketing brand and $2 Million Dollar Fund for Economic Development.

Coronach, SK – Nine communities have partnered to form South Saskatchewan Ready, a dynamic economic partnership, to meet the challenges of coal transition head-on by attracting new investment into the region with the support of the Government of Saskatchewan and Western Economic Diversification Canada.

South Saskatchewan Ready (SSR) launches today with a bold look, comprehensive website and tagline, ‘Let’s go’. The brand was created by creative agency, TAXI. This, coupled with the $2 million fund provided by the Government of Saskatchewan will “Put South Saskatchewan on the map”, says Sean Wallace, Managing Director of SSR.

He further expands, “This is a region that is shaped by, but not defined by, our coal history. The Federal government’s aggressive closure timeline for coal fired energy plants could have devastating consequences for our rural communities if we don’t act now. Hardest hit communities like Coronach and Hart Butte will lose $400 million in GDP when the coal mine and power plant shut. We have to look ahead.”

An ambitious plan is already in motion. South Saskatchewan Ready conducted a Sector Level Feasibility Study and over 40 projects were identified based on local strengths and resources. Projects in Agriculture, Natural Resources, Clean & Green Energy and Tourism are projected to make the most positive, and lucrative, impacts as alternatives to coal-based industry.

Sean says, “We’re targeting those industries and investors. In terms of infrastructure, work-force readiness, lifestyle and location, South Saskatchewan has it all. Whatever businesses need, they’ll find we’re ready for them.”

Sharon Adam, Chair of the SSR adds, “We’re incredibly excited and proud to be shining a spotlight on all we have to offer.” Potential investors and businesses can see for themselves by visiting for details on investment and funding opportunities.

“As the Federal Government has made it clear there will be no conventional coal-fired power plants operating, it is great to see the communities working together looking for opportunities for investment attraction in the region,” said MLA for Wood River David Marit.

South Saskatchewan Ready
Sean Wallace, Managing Director

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